THE CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY Presented by Ernest Huelin in 1937

2020 Not played due to covid 19
2019 Miss R Vaudin Guernsey
2018 Miss H Scriven Jersey
2017 Miss H Scriven Jersey
2016 Mrs J Adlington Jersey
2015 Miss A Ponte Guernsey
2014 Miss A Ponte Guernsey
2013 Miss A Ponte Guernsey
2012 Miss A Ponte Guernsey
2011 Miss A Ponte Guernsey
2010 Mrs J Chamberlain Guernsey
2009 Miss A Mollin Jersey
2008 Mrs J Chamberlain Guernsey
2007 Mrs J Deeley Jersey
2006 Miss O F Jordan-Higgins Jersey
2005 Miss O F Jordan-Higgins Jersey
2004 Miss V Bougouard Guernsey
2003 Mrs J Deeley Jersey
2002 Miss V Bougouard Guernsey
2001 Miss L Robertson Guernsey
2000 Miss V Bougouard Guernsey
1999 Mrs J Deeley Jersey
1998 Mrs J Deeley Jersey
1997 Mrs J Deeley Jersey
1996 Mrs J Deeley Jersey
1995 Mrs M Chamberlayne Guernsey
1994 Miss L Cummins Jersey
1993 Miss L Cummins Jersey
1992 Miss V Bougouard Guernsey
1991 Miss L Cummins Jersey
1990 Miss L Cummins Jersey
1989 Miss L Cummins Jersey
1988 Miss L Cummins Jersey
1987 Miss L Cummins Jersey
1986 Miss V Bougouard Guernsey
1985 Miss L Cummins Jersey
1984 Mrs E Roberts Jersey
1983 Mrs D Heaton Jersey
1982 Miss V Bougouard Guernsey
1981 Miss L Cummins Jersey
1980 Mrs E Roberts Jersey
1979 Mrs J Bunbury Jersey
1978 Mrs E Roberts Jersey
1977 Miss M Darbyshire Guernsey
1976 Miss M Darbyshire Guernsey
1975 Miss M Darbyshire Guernsey
1974 Mrs P Haley Jersey
1973 Mrs A Lindsay Guernsey
1972 Mrs A Lindsay Guernsey
1971 Mrs A Lindsay Guernsey
1970 Mrs A Lindsay Guernsey
1969 Mrs A Lindsay Guernsey
1968 Mrs A Lindsay Guernsey
1967 Mrs A Lindsay Guernsey
1966 Mrs A Lindsay Guernsey
1965 Mrs A Lindsay Guernsey
1964 Mrs A Lindsay Guernsey
1963 Mrs J A McDade Guernsey
1962 Miss P Stacey Guernsey
1961 Mrs D Porter Jersey
1960 Miss P Stacey Guernsey
1959 Hon Mrs N Siddeley Jersey
1958 Mrs J A McDade Guernsey
1957 Mrs J A McDade Guernsey
1956 Mrs J A McDade Guernsey
1955 Mrs D Porter Jersey
1954 Mrs D W M Randall Guernsey
1953 Mrs J A McDade Guernsey
1952 Mrs D W M Randall Guernsey
1951 Mrs W F Mauger Guernsey
1950 Mrs J A McDade Guernsey
1949 Mrs N B Grant Jersey
1940-48 No Competition - War Years
1939 Mrs J P Ross Jersey
1938 Mrs M M de la Rue Guernsey
1937 Mrs J P Ross Jersey


2020 Not played due to Covid 19
2019 Mrs J Tolcher Guernsey
2018 Mrs G Journeaux Jersey
2107 Miss R Vaudin Guernsey
2106 Mrs Hilary Nicholson Jersey
2015 Mrs Hilary Nicholson Jersey
2014 Mrs M Marr Jersey
2013 Mrs C Mee Jersey
2012 Miss S Ballay Guernsey
2011 Miss K Goodall Guernsey
2010 Mrs J Mills Guernsey
2009 Mrs J Mills Guernsey
2008 Mrs R Andrews Jersey
2007 Mrs M Marr Jersey
2006 Mrs D Stenner Guernsey
2005 Mrs G Crispini Guernsey
2004 Mrs R Scott Guernsey
2003 Miss A Mollin Jersey
2002 Mrs C Day Jersey
2001 Mrs L Carter Jersey
2000 Mrs F Ward Guernsey
1999 Mrs E Darling Guernsey
1998 Mrs B Donaldson Guernsey
1997 Mrs C Ephgrave Guernsey
1996 Mrs M Farley Jersey
1995 Mrs S Willis Jersey
1994 Miss D Aitchison Guernsey
1993 Mrs M B Pascoe Jersey
1992 Mrs S Wellfair Guernsey
1991 Mrs E Pushman Jersey
1990 Miss D Aitchison Guernsey
1989 Mrs E Vowden Jersey
1988 Mrs C S Carter Jersey
1987 Mrs R Upton Jersey
1986 Miss E McGregor Jersey
1985 Mrs G Bisson Jersey
1984 Mrs M Hill Guernsey
1983 Mrs A Goddard Guernsey
1982 Mrs M Lees Jersey
1981 Mrs I Moodie Jersey
1980 Mrs M Thompson Guernsey
1979 Mrs A G R Willis Jersey
1978 Mrs M Boyce Jersey
1977 Miss M Heppolette Jersey
1976 Mrs A G R Willis Jersey
1975 Mrs H Oldham Jersey
1974 Mrs I J Bailhache Jersey
1973 Mrs R Mullen Jersey
1972 Mrs H Treseder-Griffin Jersey
1971 Mrs G Cox Jersey
1970 Mrs L Norton Jersey
1969 Mrs E Mahy Guernsey
1968 Mrs J Haley Jersey
1967 Mrs A Le Caille Guernsey
1966 Mrs B Riley Guernsey
1965 Mrs B Pearson Jersey
1964 Mrs S Coker Guernsey
1963 Mrs B Riley Guernsey
1962 Mrs R Thacker Guernsey
1961 Mrs A Baker Jersey
1960 Mrs L Stewart Jersey
1959 Miss M Blampied Guernsey
1958 Mrs A Baghmann Guernsey
1957 Mrs R Wagstaffe Jersey
1956 Hon Mrs N Siddeley Jersey
1955 Mrs J Birse Jersey
1954 Mrs E Percival Jersey
1953 Mrs E Percival Jersey
1952 Mrs M Fisher Guernsey
1951 Miss B Bougouard Guernsey
1950 Miss A Mackenzie Jersey
1949 Mrs E Briggs Jersey
1948-40 No Comp - War years
1939 Miss D Bell Guernsey
1938 Miss D Bell Guernsey
1937 Mrs W Mauger Guernsey