2022 Matchplay Championships

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Qualifying Round Results

Local Rule

Rule 10.3a is modified in this way. A player must not have a professional golfer or a parent or guardian as her caddie during the round.
Penalty for Breach of Local Rule:
- The player gets the general penalty for each hole during which she is helped by such a caddie.
- If the breach happens or continues between two holes, the player gets the general penalty for the next hole.

JLGA Matchplay Championships 2021

Royal Jersey GC 1 - 4 June

Qualifying Round Winners of Holderness Trophy, Roberts Salver & Carter Salver

JLGA Matchplay Championships 2020

Royal Jersey GC not played due to COVID-19

JLGA Matchplay Championships 2019

Royal Jersey GC 4 -7 June

Div I Matchplay Results